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Ministry Builder

Welcome to Ministry Builder: Attractive, Affordable & Accessible

Christian Website Hosting and DesignMinistryBuilder is proud to provide hundreds of Christian organizations with an easy way to update their website... anyone can do it, contact us today to upgrade your church website to a responsive, mobile friendly design.

Our professional developers have done the work for you! 

Now you can update your website as often as you want with no extra software required on your computer! Multiple people can be responsible for different sections of your organizations website and can connect to our user-friendly administration screen and update their information through use of the MinistryBuilder Editor.

MinistryBuilder Tools

In addition to updating and creating web pages, MinistryBuilder comes complete with an amazing set of tools to make your website exciting to visit.

Here is a list of available tools:

  • Photo Album
  • Staff List
  • Calendar
  • Form Builder
  • BBS V2
  • File Manager
  • Blog
  • Newsletter

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